I was born in Tasmania in 1955 and lived there in various locations for 30 years.

Growing up in a tiny town, with beach at the end of the street and light bush at the back of the house, I developed a deep love of the natural environment – its colours, textures, light and space. The outdoors became my refuge and place of solace.

When my family moved to Darwin, Northern Territory in 1973, I remained in Tasmania and went on to study at the Tasmanian School of Art in Hobart. During the next few years, I travelled regularly from Tasmania to the Top End of the Northern Territory. Flying across the country, the colours and textures of the vast Australian landscape made an indelible impression on my mind and soul, further enhancing my awareness of the way in which light and colour define the space in which we live.

In the mid 70’s, in response to health problems, I embarked on a path of conscious self-development, building on a long time awareness of and interest in the healing energies within and around us.

In 1986, I moved with my husband and 2 young sons, to Port Noarlunga South Australia. Another son was born a few months later.

The far horizons and drier colours of South Australia, especially the terracotta coloured coastline of the Fleurieu Peninsular, captivated my senses and this resulted in many years working with pastels, in heartfelt depiction of life around me and the study of light, colours and textures of the local area.

With a marriage breakup in 1992, drawing became an expressive vehicle through which to explore long held ideas about heart, mind, body and soul. I also undertook a small business course and began my professional arts practice. Wider promotion of my artwork resulted in many commissioned works, especially portraits.

Throughout the years of single parenting I strove to use my skills to help others. An intuitive awareness of the human spirit and natural creative energies resulted in being asked to facilitate creative expression workshops for adult survivors of child abuse for several years.

Also during this time, I began painting interior murals. My understanding of the effect of light on the human heart and soul and an ability to convey this through colour, saw the murals particularly sought after for their healing, uplifting and therapeutic effect.

Although now retired from mural painting, I continue creating artwork inspired by the nuances of life and reflecting my ongoing belief in the healing effects of colour and light.

Living with my partner of many years and working from a studio at home, I choose subjects from the natural environment, and through a sensitive use of colour and light, encourage connection with the senses, inviting the viewer beyond the surface of the work to a quieter place where greater connection to self and all of life may be found.