Interior Murals


Painting murals arose out of a desire to use my skills to help others.

I have long believed in the healing power of colour, the ability of colour to communicate light and lightness of being, and the power of colour and image to transport our awareness to another place, to shift our perception of space.

One wintry night I went into an Adelaide café for a hot chocolate, with a friend. She told the Italian owner that I was an artist and he asked if I could paint the ceiling. I said no, but I could paint the walls. And so it began…

Over the next few weeks, many people came to eat at the café just to watch me paint. They were fascinated with the process and I was delighted to bring the process of creating art to them.

Word spread and for the next 15 years I found myself painting murals, especially in hospitals where an uplifting environment is paramount.

Colour and image transport people to another place, whether its children who are dealing with life threatening illnesses, staff needing a breather, or a family wanting a reminder of their tropical holiday on their dining room wall.

My aim, through the images I painted, was to expand reality beyond the walls, and in the hospitals and special schools in particular, create a deeper sense of calm and peace.